Sunday, September 26, 2010

Interlude in the States (part 3)


In addition to Sean's play, a major reason we swung through California was to be present at the marriage of our dear friends. Mason and Melissa, in addition to being superlative people that we adore, put in some critical effort and assistance in making our San Francisco Wedding Party a success. I couldn't have done it without them. LITERALLY. It was a sadness for me not to have been available to help them prepare for their party, but flying back from Spain I think let them know how much we back their plans.

We rented a car and drove from San Francisco up to Oakhurst and checked into our hotel and then found the gang at the Paradise Springs Hotel for an evening BBQ and karaoke party.

It was wonderful to see so many of our friends gathered for such a happy occasion...and one where we weren't the center of attention. There is nothing so lovely as someone else's wedding after you've survived your own. :-] Sean was looking particularly space-pirate hot on Friday, too.

Unfortunately, the hotel we were staying at was FILLED with dust and cat hair and Sean woke up Saturday in rough shape. I was on my meds and nasal spray and was doing OK. Despite being handicapped by the Zyrtec Rage and various allergy miseries, it was a perfectly beautiful day for the wedding and everyone looked AMAZING. Noona lent me a dress that looked much better under my corset than my worn black travel dress (yay! thanks!), and the tux pants and tails Sean had found at a resale shop were a very comfy 'late night' outfit, too. The ceremony was beautiful, Melissa's train was...a cardboard train!, and the meal under the stars was perfection. It was a magical night.

Sean with the Newlyweds
Groomsmen toasting & roasting
Amazing centerpieces by Lora Martens, and beautiful company!

We had to skip the Sunday brunch lakeside (tempting as that sounded) to skedaddle back to the City in order to get organized for our Monday morning flight to...PUERTO VALLARTA! Mexico, here we come!

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