Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chez Swelly Hits the Road

Hello again, party people!

Sean and I are busting some paradigms and wholeheartedly embracing the Honeymoon Idea! After four weeks of packing, prep, wrap up, move out, and storage...we actually got on the plane and have landed at our first destination..Venice. We got here on Monday afternoon (blurry -- long 48 hour day of sorts) and by today (Thursday) we're starting to hit our stride with the time change and the wind down. After working so hard, relaxing takes some getting used to -- but get used to it we are!

First thing is I'd like to sing the praises of our little modest Locanda Sant' Anna. Clean, simple room, charming hosts, a big white Akita, excellent coffee in the morning and good water pressure.
The view from our room is also magnificent. The full moon last night helped, too, i suppose.
The pace here is slow, which is good for a landing spot -- the daze and haze can clear at it's own pace with very few consequences. We can sit on the waterfront and drink Bellini's from a bottle and watch the boats. When our feet get tired from wandering, we can hop on a vaporetto until we are refreshed and then hop off and wander again. A welcome change of pace, to say the least. Sean has masterminded our European internet connection with a Vodaphone internet key thingy, so many systems are now go.

Also - Peggy Guggenheim. Wow. Absolutely a museum and a home to visit when you make it here. The lady had taste and eccentricity in spades. Adolph Gottlieb was a new artist to me, and a wonderful surprise. So were the American hipster art students staffing the desk. What a gig for a 20 year old! Pictures from that visit soon.

OK - time to hop off and go on our picnic.

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