Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Did It! - Yay for Love 2.0

We had a wonderful Family Wedding Party back in Anneke's Hometown of Midland, MI.
The lovely lady you see here is our photographer, Linda Wan, and as soon as we have a link to the photos she took, we'll post it here. Sean and I are still recovering from all the festivities, and settling back into life in San Francisco.

It was so wonderful to stand under that magnificent Walnut tree and look out and see our family and friends looking back at us. Karl did a spectacular job as our Official Brother (and MC), and Karen & Jake handled the poetry readings like pros - but without the affected reading voices. Lots of photos are going up, and we'll post more soon - promise!

Gigantic Thanks to all who drove far, stayed up late, piled into planes, and worked their tails off (Mom! you rule!) to make the party happen.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hello Family!

Very exciting news. Instead of a sit-down rehearsal dinner, we decided BBQ & Baseball would be way better. The BBQ meet & greet will be held at Emerson Park: Pavilion E, starting at 4:30pm on Friday afternoon! Jim & Sue Kelly will be hosting the Friday Action, so please be sure to introduce yourself, and say howdy.


You can walk from the H Hotel to Emerson Park! How convenient! The H Hotel is on Main Street at Ashman, and if you follow Ashman St. down towards the Tridge, you will find the Pere Marquette rail-trail trailhead, which you can follow to you Emerson Park. The auto entrance to Emerson Park is at W Main St and Orchard Dr, and if you Mapquest or Google Map it, you will get a sense of the proximity.

Trailhead Above
Come meet the other half of the wedding party, catch up with the folks you know, eat some deeeeelicious food, and have a few libations before we all stroll over to...

The Great Lakes Loons Stadium for the 7:05 baseball game vs. Wisconsin! We will be able to walk from the Emerson Park Pavilion on a path directly to the Stadium. Lawn tickets have already been purchased in a block by Jim and Sue Kelly for the Wedding Guests. We can all wander over with our full bellies together, or you can meet us at the game! Just tell the box office you are with the Kelly/Swinehart Wedding Party - tickets are in Jim Kelly's name. We'll have some blankets and low chairs, or you can bring your own.

Who will Karl root for? The LA Dodgers seed team (the Loons) or his college home state team? Only time will tell! Sean and I are going to have a hard time rooting for a Dodgers (booo) farm team, but we'll do our best.

Fireworks! One of my all time favorite summer things (well, anytime, actually) & the Great Lakes Loons are putting on a show at the end of the game. What luck! I suspect Grandpa Markeson would approve...