Thursday, May 14, 2009


Because folks want to do something for newlyweds to help them launch into the next exciting stage of life together, and because we are an urban couple with limited space, we have been sparing in our registry-action. The most important gift you can give us is your continued friendship and support, and to be present at our parties.

That said, if you would like to gift us, here are our registries!

For the material improvement of our domestic situation, we have registered at the following sites:


2. Bed Bath & Beyond

For non-material gifts towards our honeymoon please see our Traveler's Joy site:

Chez Swelly Abroad!

For the gift of Art, our friends at Electric Works Gallery have some prints that would easily follow us through life and adorn our various walls over time, reminding us of this city where we met, and where we made our first home together.

Paul Madonna #431
Paul Madonna #415
Paul Madonna #066
Paul Madonna #360
Paul Madonna #349

Team Chez Swelly

You can't have more than one profile, apparently, per email address on Blogger. So here are a few pictures of the reason you might be here - Us! You are friends with, or might even be related to, work or know us. The couple. The two people who are getting married, and have invited you to be a part of that. Not just me, but Us. So pardon the single point narration as an artifact of my limited tech savvy, not an avoidance of We.

We like each other. A Lot.